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allying design, gaming and music, teenage engineering’s world is a fascinating one, this Swedish company was launched in 2005 and is specialised in musical instruments and affiliated electronic devices built with ever more unique, well thought, awesome designs. Today, teenage engineering has become a leader in the “gamestruments” business (game-instrument).

playfulness is at the core of all their products, which guarantees unforgettable moments of fun for the users. The OP-1, pocket operators or OP-Z definitely stand at the crossroads of gaming and music production. Everything in these devices’ design is made to entertain this duality. these amazing and unusual machines definitely deserved a dedicated web site: here it is!

pocket operators

learn all about pocket operators


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(Soon available)

Who are the te-operators ?

The te-operators are teenage engineering’s products users who love the brand and crave to share their discoveries with the world.

Everyone can become a te-operator !

te-operator.com, a short story

It all began when we met teenage engineering during a workshop in Paris , the artist nsdos was displaying machines with teenage’s team. I had already been using their machines for a while and I was eager to learn more. We stayed in touch with the team and as they had noticed my relentless enthusiasm, they asked me if I would run a workshop, next.

te-operator is a hashtag used on instagram, it’s also an informal community made of the most dedicated operators and teenage engineering.

What I find magical about Teenage Engineering, is that while breaking down boundaries between video games and musical instruments, they have enabled a very large amount of people to access musical creation. This brand definitely shows incredible possibilities, to me.

My motto to start this website was :
All kids should have a pocket operator !

When I write that, I deeply mean and believe it. I’m a child at heart, I would have loved to be able perform live shows using pocket operator with my friends as a kid 😉

I see many children around me getting plastic toys that they forget about after 2 weeks. A pocket operator, can be forgotten in a corner for a couple of days but you’d always come back to it and it’s always pure pleasure.

We want to welcome everyone to dive in teenage engineering. In the beginning, te-operator.com will mainly be an informative website (with Improved user manuals, drum kits, tips). We’ll focus on quality and educational content. We would, then like to expand our community and enable everyone to participate and be rewarded for their contribution.

Like everyone knows, creating quality content implies a need for resources, should they be humans, or financial. For now, we are a small start team of 3 people building, developing and improving this site step by step. We will publish new articles on a regular basis, hoping to generate a small revenue by the end of 2020, which will help us stay motivated ! with a little help, we will be able to :

– translate and display more user manuals (PO, OP-Z, OP-1‘s)

– create great printable *.pdf versions

– create detailed video tutorials for each user manual

– create advice videos

– create drumkits for PO, OP-1 and OP-Z

– make the website accessible in two different languages


T’as kiffé ce mode d’emploi en français ?

Faire des traductions et tout mettre en page de façon pédagogique prend du temps !

Nous avons envie de construire un site sympa et utile. Comme chacun le sait, la création d’un contenu de qualité nécessite des ressources, non seulement financières mais également humaines. Notre objectif à terme est donc de permettre aux 3 fondateurs de se consacrer à 100% à leur travail sur ce site. Nous comptons publier des nouveautés régulièrement et espérons générer un petit revenu d’ici fin 2021, ce qui nous aidera à garder la motivation !

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